Our AI contributes to the realization of a sustainable society


The challenges of a super-aging society


Research and development of AI technology to solve challenges

The challenges of a super-aging society are serious.
While the elderly population is increasing, illnesses and age-related problems are also increasing, and labor shortages due to the declining birthrate are becoming issues.
One effective means to solve these issues is digital transformation.

We resolve this issue by advancing research and development of AI technology that generates innovation.


Improving quality of life


We provide AI that is useful for people's health and life.

In order to provide high-quality AI services at an easy-to-implement price, we research and develop AI miniaturization technology to reduce server costs for AI development and operation.

Utilizing this technology, we develop and provide AI technologies and apps that contribute to improving the quality of people's lives and implementing them effectively.

Furthermore, in the hope that people can live happily, we promote the use of data that is useful for health and daily life, and aim to improve the efficiency of society as a whole.


Miniaturization of AI models and countermeasures against wrong answers (hallucination)


Reduce server costs and provide economical, high-quality AI

The cost of AI development is personnel costs and server fees. In particular, server fees account for 58% of the cost. (In-house research) Therefore, the ability to provide AI services is limited to large companies that own data centers.

For example, ChatGPT is a LLM (Large Language Model), which is a large AI model trained on a large amount of data.

Developing and operating LLM requires high server costs.

Therefore, it is important to reduce server costs by making the AI model smaller.

Development of AI that does not give wrong answers (hallucinations)

Hallucination, in the field of generative AI, refers to AI generating information that is not based on facts or information that does not actually exist.

For example, if you ask ChatGPT, which is one of the generation AIs, about health-related matters and the answer is not based on facts, there is a possibility of health damage.

Our technology helps prevent this.

In some fields, countermeasures against hallucinations are extremely important.

Corporate HistoryOUR HISTORY

Establishing Geek Guild

  • 2014Founders started AI R&D
  • 2016Established the AI Research Institutes
  • 2017Incorporate the research institute
  • 2018Spin out and establish Geek Guild

  • History after establishment

  • 2018Contracted AI development and research
  • 2019Released open-source Smalltrain
  • 2020“Kyoto Pharmacy Project” started

History of R&DFor the development of general AI

  • 2014Predict solar radiation by machine learning
  • 2016Predict power generation by deep learning
  • 2017Power generation predict accuracy RMSE 0.6
  • 2018Power consumption predict accuracy RMSE 0.6
  •      Invented miniaturization technology, cache AI
  •      Building a dynamic pricing model
  • 2019Open source smalltrain
  • 2020Time series data reinforcement learning model
  • 2021AI-OCR model
  • 2022Successful Cache AI model


Certification & Award

2020.08.18 Certified by Kyoto Prefecture's "Genki-in Small and Medium Enterprise Certification System"
2020.11.25Certified as a “Kyoto Smart Product” by Kyoto Wisdom Industry Creation Forest
2021.02.26Kansai New Business Council “Kansai NBC New Business Award 2020”
Winner of the Kinki Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry Award and New Business Grand PrixVIEW MORE
2021.07.06GIF2021 Japan Representative Startup Selection Contest Japan Representative/td>

Subsidy Adopted

• FY2020 Kyoto Sangyo 21 Kyoto Economic Gardening Support Strengthening Project
"Deployment of AI engine 'Forecast'"
Make profit through open source projects and “Cache AI” licenses

• FY2020 Kyoto Wisdom Industry Creation Forest Project to support the promotion of long-term stable power source from solar power generation equipment
development of AI for detecting power plant equipment failures towards long-term strategic power supply

• FY2020 Kyoto Prefecture Corona-Responsive Social Business Model Creation Project
Kyoto AI pharmacy guild concept for the Covid-19 society

• FY2021 Kyoto Sangyo 21 Corporate Collaboration Business Creation Support Project
Building the next generation of small-scale pharmacies – mailing medicine system using AI

• FY2020 Kyoto Sangyo 21 Crisis Overcoming Business Creation Support Project
Realizing a new pharmacy business model after Covid-19

• Manufacturing, commerce, and service productivity improvement promotion subsidy 16th deadline
“Improving audit efficiency of dispensing pharmacies and utilizing medication data using cash AI technology”


Name of InventionApplication Number

Press Release

2020.12.28 Released in the US
Release of Deep Learning Framework "SmallTrain 0.2.0" For Professional/Commercial Use

2021.01.27 Released in the US
Release of Deep Learning Framework "SmallTrain 0.2.1"

Artificial general intelligenceHARMONIC AI

What is Harmonic AI?


The concept is that the neural networks of each AI are connected, making use of each functional characteristic, and harmoniously working as one large AI.

Harmonic AI acts as a conductor so that each neural network moves in an organized manner.

1. Development purpose:
Leading to an optimized and sustainable society

AI and robots will reduce the cost of social activities and greatly improve the global energy balance. We increase the productivity of the entire society and ecosystem, including humans and the global environment.

Specifically, we improve the efficiency of computing, improve energy productivity, mechanize AI and robot manufacturing, mechanize labor (optimize labor costs), reduce food, clothing, and shelter costs, and mechanize transportation and logistics (self-actualization).

2.Development of elemental technology

In proceeding with harmonic AI research and development, we develop the following elemental technologies.

Trend recognition

Capture changes in indicators.

Image recognition, sensor recognition (multidimensional information)

Advanced cognitive abilities are accumulated in the middle layer of multi-layered AI accumulated through image recognition, which can be used for non-image data analysis.

Predict future changes in evaluation indicators

Appropriately set social indicators and understand their relationships with past related data.

Control technology

We uggest actions to improve evaluation indicators.

Company OverviewCOMPANY

Comapny NameGeek Guild Co., Ltd.
Head OfficeKyoto University Katsura Venture Plaza North Building 310, 1-36, Goryo-ohara, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto 615-8245
Tokyo Lab609 Ichigo Ebisu Green Grass, 3-1-1 Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0022
EstablishmentJune 26, 2018
RepresentativeShinsuke Hanamura   Miki Bito
Board MemberMasao Tejima
Business  • Research and development of Artificial Intelligence
• Applied research of Artificial Intelligence and various technologies in the field of computer software
• Consulting on Artificial Intelligence
• Planning, management, and operation of lectures, symposiums, and seminars on Artificial Intelligence


Geek Guild Co., Ltd. has obtained ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification, an international standard for Information Security Management System (ISMS).

registered organization Geek Guild Co., Ltd.
Applicable standards ISO/IEC 27001:2013
Certificate Number GIJP-0609-IC
Certification Authority GCERTI
Certification registration 22.Dec.2021