Miki Bito


1966Born in Osaka
1985.3Graduated from Ibaraki High School, Osaka Prefecture
1989.3Graduated from Osaka Kyoiku University
1989.4Joined Yamaichi Securities Co., Ltd. (~ 1990)
1990.12English Language Program at the University of Georgia and University of California, San Diego. Taken classes of Computer Science
1992.5After returning to Japan, engaged in conference interpreting and localization of overseas software at a software company in Kansai
1992.10Aldus Joined Aldus Japan.
Engaged in product planning and localization. Mainly responsible for PageMaker, SuperPaint, Persuasion. Due to the merger of Aldus and Adobe Systems, Adobe Acrobat Pro introduced in Japan, Photoshop, Illustrate
1995.4Headhunting from several US companies, returning to Osaka while waiting for a working visa to change jobs to Apple Inc. subsidiary, Claris International Inc. at that time
1995.7Decided to decline the offer from Claris International and start the freelance business with the help of the DTP Association. Projects with Linotype-Hell AG (currently Monotype KK), Compaq K.K. (currently HP Japan Co., Ltd.), and so others. (-2002)
2007.10 Engaged in English education, studied English education, teaching methods, e-learning after working as an elementary school English teacher, private English school teacher
2007.4Enrolled in the Master's program at the Graduate School of Languages and Cultures, Osaka University, researched e-Learning at the Cybermedia Center Hosoya Laboratory, and practiced it at an elementary school. Completed in 2010 (Master of Science)
2012.4Developed an e-learning English teaching material system for English education under Prof. Hosoya and Associate Professor Taketsuba in the doctoral program at Osaka University. Part-time lecturer in elementary school. Research on automatic translation from around 2018.
2014.1Joined Laplace System Co., Ltd.
Set an overseas business unit, established a US subsidiary, and signed an agency contract with India and Malaysia. Managing as a playing manager in the localization of products for the overseas markets. After that, he was appointed as a product manager in the president's office, under the direct control of the president. In-house control and production control from the specification of software products to development and shipmentPlanning, management, and lecturer for seminars. Supporting and promoting the artificial intelligence research and development project of Hanamura, who later co-founded Geek Guild.
2016.3Founded Fujisaki Kyoto Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.
Launched AI business at Fujisaki Electric Co., Ltd. (currently GF Co., Ltd.) and founded Fujisaki Kyoto Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.
2017.6Established FKAIR Co., Ltd.
Established an AI company as a 100% subsidiary in Kyoto where Kyoto University is located. assumed office as Director of the Board, and supervised all operations as COO.
2018.6Established Geek Guild Co., Ltd. with Hanamura. Appointed CEO.
2019.9Appointed as Representative Director/ COO and CFO