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You can implement a hi-accuracy deep learning model just with your small data and small training!
SmallTrain provides a hi-accuracy deep learning model providing various Artificial Intelligence services into various markets! You can even use it for your service development. The SmallTrain trained model is able to use for Image Recognition, Time-series data forcast, Voice Recognition, Anormaly Detection, Object Deteciton, and othes SmallTrain Site

Small Data is enough!

The SmallTrain trained model now reqires your own small data.

No need to collect data!

Only small training is required!

SmallTrain is already trained with hi-spec GPU and also SmallTrain contained the-state-of-the-art argollithms.

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High cost performance!

Highly trained model can save cost and time for development of Artificial Intelligent services.

SmallTrain always adopts the-state-of-the-art argollithms!

Generative Model

A model that learns training data and generates similar new data is called a generated model. Generating models such as GAN and VAE can generate the required data and produce results with minimal data

Reinforcement Learning Algorithm

Q learning, Monte Carlo method, etc. are typical algorithms of reinforcement learning. AlphaGo of Go AI is using the Deep Q-Network. Through trial and error, he learned “actions that maximize value” and has a track record of conducting research and development on complex order forecasts.

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Original Algorithm

For example, we apply the convolutional neural network CNN, which has a proven track record in image recognition, to build artificial intelligence models other than image recognition and to provide services. In addition to that, we have adopted technologies from overseas papers and applied them from a different perspective.

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Collaboration with Vendors

 Geek Guild collaborates with software vendors to use SmallTrain.
Using SmallTrain suitable for commercial use with a high accuracy, we will build the best AI environment.

Data Connection

Geek Guild has developed and operated Artificial Intelligence systems for commercial use of various user companies use the SmallTrain.
The following figure is a basic example of how to coordinate data with users using AWS cloud server.
Please apply the part marked with Geek Guild to your company (yourself), and then, refer to it when developing with SmallTrain.

About Geek Guild

Geek is a person who has a wealth of knowledge and high technical skills in the IT field.
Guild means an organization.
Guild Guild is a company name with the desire to bring together leading researchers and engineers to provide the-state-of-the-art AI technologies to the world. About Geek Guild

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In addition to research and development, Geek Guild is engaged in various activities such as service provision, seminars and lectures.
We provide news and release information about our activities.