Our Services

SmallTrain is an open source software. By contributing engineers, making better software will lead to great benefits for users.
Since it is open source, the source code can be used for free. However, for users who want to know how to use it or who want to use it for customization, support is helpful.
We provide the necessary support at an affordable price.

SmallTrain Paid Support

Please feel free to contact us. Depending on the content, we may be able to provide free support. Please let us know what you would like to discuss, any problems you may have, and your requests. We will give you a simple quote.

Example: I want to know how to generate input data.
   Smalltrain can do it semi-automatically, even though some people want a little support.  Fee: Free for the first time, time charge system from the second time


We will carefully consult from planning to development of Artificial Intelligence products and services using SmallTrain.

We will consult with you if you want to build a trained model using your data and use AI to improve the efficiency of in-house work, or develop your own AI service. Please contact us from data collection to how to use SmallTrain.

Fee: Free for the first time, “Monthly basic fee + time charge system for work” from the second time

Various API Services

We provide various APIs which for time series data prediction using SmallTrain, AI-OCR and others.

SmallTrain’s trained model is versatile and supports all kinds of data. Various AI models are developed by inputting various data into this trained model and performing additional learning.

  • AI-OCR
    We can offer AI-0CR with 90% accuracy at a low price. It is used for prescription recognition and others.

  • Photovoltaic Power Generation Forecast
    It sends short-term, medium-term, and long-term forecasts in real time. Forecast based on solar power plant data and solar power plant location information for the past year.

  • Dynamic Pricing
     Our Hotel Room Price Forecast Dynamic Pricing predicts the optimal price for maximizing sales for reservations made six months in advance. Reduce labor costs for hotel pricing personnel.


Please contact by e-mail or by contact form.

If you are in a hurry, please call 075-393-3015.