Geek Guild Vision

Under the vision of "creating a society in which humans and machines can coexist",
as an advanced Artificial Intelligence R & D guild that can provide state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technology,
we create Artificial Intelligence that is friendly and useful to people.

Harmonic AI Development Plan

Harmonic AI is a plan and technology that eventually become a general-purpose Artificial Intelligence in which neural network of each Artificial Intelligence is connected and configured.

1. Purpose of Development
Developing general-purpose AI and bringing post-humans into society lead society to a more optimized stage.
- The role of general-purpose AI is to optimize social indicators.
- For the time being, the target of optimization is a society where human beings are the main subject, but it will gradually shift to optimization of the society including post-humans. Specifically, AI / robots will lead to the direction of reducing the cost of all activities, greatly improving the energy balance on the earth, and increasing the productivity of the entire social / ecosystem including humans and the global environment.
- High-efficiency computing, energy efficiency, mechanization of AI / robot manufacturing, mechanization of knowledge labor (optimization of labor costs), reduction of clothing, food and living costs, mechanization of transportation and logistics (automatic driving)

2. Elemental technology of Harmonic AI
1. Recognition Technology
1.  Trend Recognition
Capture changes in indicators.
2.  Image recognition, sensor recognition (multidimensional information)
A form of technology that becomes an AI perceptive organ and easily enters the human market.
After the singularity, the need to share the recognition with humans is reduced, and thus image recognition is likely to be unnecessary. However, advanced cognitive ability is accumulated in the middle layer of the multi-layered AI accumulated through image recognition.
This cognitive ability could be transferred to non-image data analysis.
2. Evaluation Technology
1.  Forecasting Future Changes in Evaluation I Indicators
Appropriately set social indicators and capture relationships with past related data.
3. Control Technology
1.  Proposal of actions to improve the evaluation indicator
2.  Execution of the above proposal using IT / robot

Board of Directors

Shinsuke Hanamura

Shinsuke Hanamura

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Miki Bito

Miki Bito

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Masao Tejima

Masao Tejima

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Company Overview

Comapny NameGeek Guild Co., Ltd.
Head OfficeKyodaikatsura Venture Plaza North Building 310, 1-36, Goryo-ohara, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto 615-8245
Tokyo LabC/O T&T Co., Ltd., Kurkku Home Room7, 2-18-21 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
Establishment June 26, 2018
Representative Shinsuke Hanamura / Miki Bito
Business Research and development of Artificial Intelligence
Applied research of Artificial Intelligence and various technologies in the field of computer software
Consulting on Artificial Intelligence
Planning, management, and operation of lectures, symposiums, and seminars on Artificial Intelligence