Our AI technology is for real business needs.

Our AI technology reduces expensive server costs.

OUR SOLUTIONThe barrier to the practical application of AI is the GPU server cost, which accounts for the majority of AI operating costs.The problem is the expensive GPU server costs required to run AI.

The founders of Geek Guild began AI research and development in 2014, and since 2016 they have been seriously working on the AI business.
In 2018, we established Geek Guild Co., Ltd., an organization that creates AI innovation, and have been researching and developing technologies to reduce server costs for AI development and operation.
In order to solve AI issues and accelerate the practical application of AI, we continue to make efforts to reduce the size and weight of AI and reduce the operating cost of AI.
We are promoting research and development to provide high-quality AI services at prices easily to introduce.

Support SDGs Geek Guild supports the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). As one of the solutions to energy and environmental issues, we will provide AI technology that reduces energy consumption and server costs, and promote the SDGs.

Harmonic AI Development Plan

Harmonic AI is a concept and technology that eventually become a general-purpose Artificial Intelligence in which the neural network of each Artificial Intelligence is connected and configured.
*Unlike a specialized AI, a general-purpose AI has a variety of abilities like humans.

1.Development Purpose"Leading our society to optimization and sustainability"
AI/robots reduce the cost of social activities, greatly improve the energy balance on the earth, and increase the productivity of the entire society/ecosystem including humans and the global environment.
Specifically, we will promote high-efficiency computing, the efficiency of energy productivity, mechanization of AI/robot manufacturing, mechanization of labor (optimization of labor costs), reduction of clothing, food, and housing costs, and mechanization of transportation/logistics (automatic operation).

2.Development of Core Technologies "Trend Recognition"

It captures the fluctuation of the indicators.

"Image recognition, sensor recognition (multidimensional information)"

Advanced cognitive ability is accumulated in the middle layers of multi-layered AI accumulated through image recognition, and it can be diverted to non-image data analysis.

"Forecasting future changes in evaluation indicators"

Set social indicators appropriately and grasp the relationship with related data in the past.

"Control technology"

We propose actions to improve the evaluation indicator.

We implement the above proposal using IT/robots.

Company Overview

Comapny NameGeek Guild Co., Ltd.
Head OfficeKyodaikatsura Venture Plaza North Building 310, 1-36, Goryo-ohara, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto 615-8245
Tokyo LabC/O T&T Co., Ltd., Kurkku Home Room7, 2-18-21 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
Establishment June 26, 2018
RepresentativeShinsuke Hanamura / Miki Bito
Business Research and development of Artificial Intelligence
Applied research of Artificial Intelligence and various technologies in the field of computer software
Consulting on Artificial Intelligence
Planning, management, and operation of lectures, symposiums, and seminars on Artificial Intelligence


Geek Guild hereby certifyes Information Security Management System, ISO/IEC 27001:2013

Cerfiticate Place Geek Guild Co., Ltd., Kyoto
Cerfiticate Standard ISO/IEC 27001:2013
Cerfiticate Number GIJP-0609-IC
Cerfiticate Authority GCERTI-JAPAN
Initial Date 22. Dec. 2021