Shinsuke Hanamura


1978Born in Nagano Prefecture.
1997.3Graduated from Matsumoto Fukashi High School, Nagano Prefecture.
1998.4Nagoya University, School of Informatics and Sciences
Study on plant ecosystem simulation at the Department of Natural Science Informatics, under Professor Shozo Hiroki.
2002.4Master's Program, Department of Materials and Life Informatics, Graduate School of Human Informatics, Nagoya University (currently Graduate School of Information and Science, Nagoya University). Master of Science. Professor Shozo Hiroki
Using a statistical model selection of probabilistic models, theoretically demonstrated the mechanism of intraspecific competition processes of plants. Learned mathematics, programming languages (Java, Python), databases (PostgreSQL), statistical analysis tools (R), and English presentation methods.
2004.4Nagoya University, Graduate School of Information Science, Department of Complex Systems Science Doctoral Program (Professor Shozo Hiroki)
2004.10Research Student at Center for Ecological Research, Kyoto University
2005.4Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University. Biological Sciences Doctoral Program (Professor Norio Yamamura)
Research at Ecological Research, Kyoto University, where the world's top level ecological researchers gather. Research deterministic models in addition to stochastic models。Proposed a mechanism by which life history diversity produces biodiversity, Using a multi-competitive model with a life history structure and a spatial structure.
2006.4Worked at Earth System Co., Ltd., a local software company in Nagano Prefecture.Engaged in basic design / detailed design / quality control / maintenance operation / customization requirement definition of NEC's emergency mail delivery system "Telegram post ver2.0" with NEC software on the secondment. Also worked in-house development, customization requirements definition, design, implementation, maintenance and operation of the inventory management system.In charge of requirements definition, installation / maintenance, and version upgrade proposals as PM, PL, and SE, contributing to improving work efficiency by realizing customer needs.
2010.4Kikaku Co., Ltd.
General Manager and IT Business Department Manager
Contributed as a founding member of a nursing care office in Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture. Launched the IT department of the business office and planned and developed IT system for nursing care support. Developed a handwritten care record information sharing system that can use the latest tablets at the time.
2013.4Laplace Systems Co., Ltd.
Information Systems Division Manager, R & D Section 3
In a venture company in Kyoto, supervising all of the in-house IT systems as the Information Systems Division Manager, and then, was in charge of a research project to build an accurate solar radiation prediction model and implement a prototype.
2016.3Founded Fujisaki Kyoto Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.
Launched AI business at Fujisaki Electric Co., Ltd. (currently GF Co., Ltd.) and founded Fujisaki Kyoto Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.
2017.6Established FKAIR Co., Ltd.
Established an AI company as a 100% subsidiary in Kyoto where Kyoto University is located. As Executive Officer CTO, oversees research and development, develops a cloud system, Energy Agent with high-accuracy power generation prediction using neural network (patent application), and provides it as a service. Developed a power station failure detection system. Developed the air conditioner load heat forecasting which achieves higher accuracy than other companies, as a PoC project.
2018.6Founded Geek Guild Co., Ltd.
Founded AI company as a co-founder with Bito. Appointed CTO of the representative director. Developed FORECASS, a general-purpose trained model for time series prediction, and SmartTrain, a deep learning platform.
2019.9Appointed as representative director/ CTO.