Masao Tejima


1957Born in Ehime Prefecture in Japan
1982Completed a masters degree in Kobe University Graduate School.
1982Joined Hakuhodo Inc.

After working on a number of corporate advertisements, transferred to the computer industry and appointed as a managing director of software house.
1988.11 Acquired Japanese localization right and sales rights for Aldus PageMaker.
1992.3Established Aldus KK as a joint venture (JV) with Aldus, USA

Introduce PageMaker to Japan and launch DTP market in Japan.

Appointed President and CEO. (* Aldus: Merged with Adobe Systems in 1994)
1993Established Business Software Alliance Japan, which was established mainly by American software companies.
Appointed as the first chairman.
1994.5Resigned as representative due to merger with Aldus and Adobe Systems.
11Joined Macromedia Corporation HQ, appointed as Vice President. Established Macromedia KK and appointed as President and CEO.
Make multimedia production tool Director the industry standard.
1995.12Announced Shockwave technology, the standard for sound and animation on the Internet, created new technologies such as Macromedia Flash and Shockwave.

Made global standardization of all web publishing products under the web production environment, and proposed web solutions for the IT era.
2000.9Established KK as a joint venture of, Inc (US Macromedia subsidiary), TransCosmos Co., Ltd., Fuji Bank (Mizuho Bank) and other companies.
Appointed as a board member.
11Appointed as an advisory board member of Mie Cyberwave Project.
Appointed as Board of Director of Mie Prefecture third sector company Cyberwave Japan. (-October 2004)
2001.2Resigned president of Macromedia KK and appointed a special advisor of Macromedia KK.
2Established T & T Co., Ltd., a new service company that integrates consulting and venture capital, appointed as a president and CEO of the company.
4Appointed as an outside director of CIS Corporation. (JASDAQ4758) (until December 2003)
9Established Belex Co., Ltd.

Appointed as Board of Director. (-December 2005)
2002.2Established Digital Communication Engineering Co., Ltd. with Dentsu Group, Ibex and Rim's Co., Ltd.
Appointed as Board of Director. (-August 2004)
8Appointed as a chairman of the board.(~2009.12)
2003Appointed as Board of Director of the Japan Cuban Cigar Education Association. (current position)
2005Appointed as Board of Director of Japan Vegetable & Meister Association. (-March 2010)
20064Joined Open Table, Inc.
Appointed as an executive member.
20066Established Open Table KK.
Appointed as CEO. (-June 2013)
Appointed as CEO of Science Works Co., Ltd.
Chairman of the Board since December 2013
2006Appointed as an outside expert of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation CS / Quality Improvement Committee. (-2008)
2008General incorporated association Sports for Life Japan established.
Appointed as a representative director. (current position)
2013.10 Appointed as an advisor to Hikari Tsushin Inc.
11Appointed as a Chairman of The Corporate Games Tokyo Executive Committee (current position)
2014.6Appointed as an outside director of Koei Tecmo Holdings Co., Ltd. (listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange) (current position)
9Held the Corporate Games Tokyo 2014 for the first time in Japan.
2015.5Appointed as Outside Director of Zetton Co., Ltd. (listed on the Nagoya Stock Exchange Centrex) (current position)
11Appointed as Outside Director of Pit Design Co., Ltd. (current position)
11Appointed as Outside Director of Ikemu Japan Co., Ltd. (current position)
11Held The Corporate Games Tokyo 2015 Asia Pacific.
2016.5Appointed as Outside Director of EPARK Gourmet Co., Ltd. (current position)
11Held the Corporate Games Tokyo 2016 Asia Pacific.
2017.1Appointed as Outside Director of LIVNEX Co., Ltd. (current position)
3Appointed as Outside Director of EPARK Relax & Esthetic Co., Ltd. (current position)
11Held the Corporate Games Tokyo 2017 Asia Pacific.
201811Held the Corporate Games Tokyo 2018 Asia Pacific.
201911Held the Corporate Games Tokyo 2019 Asia Pacific.
20197Participated in Geek Guild, and became a director in 2020.
Other Positions: Social Welfare Corporation Prop Station Trustee
(Social Welfare Corporation established for the purpose to make a disabled person a taxpayer) (current position)