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Posted as an AI supplier on Nationwide AI Introduction Navigator 2019 of Kinki Bureau of Economy of Trade and Industry by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry!

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The Kinki Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry analyzes the current situation and issues of AI vendors in Kansai, and the issues of promoting AI utilization of small and medium-sized companies.

It hears about the direction of AI and data utilization that Kansai should tackle.

It is studying and investigating measures to increase AI implementation and AI personnel production for small and medium-sized companies in Kansai in 2018.  This time, as a part of this, for small and medium-sized companies that are considering or undertaking AI introduction or for people who are aiming to be an AI engineer AI Introduction Navigator 2019 -A booklet for navigating your AI introduction was created.

An article about Geek Guild is posted on p.36 ~ p.37.

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