Start of Kyoto Pharmacy Project

We start Kyoto pharmacy project.

”Send a prescription, and you will receive the medicine,“ Kyoto Pharmacy Project starts.

Geek Guild Co., Ltd. (Location: Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto), which provides AI research and development and AI services, started the “Kyoto Pharmacy Project” on December 16, 2020 (Wednesday) to digitize pharmacies.

This project aims for patients to send prescription data and deliver the medicine to their homes via the prescription pharmacy. Using AI-OCR, we will support the conversion of clerical work at prescription pharmacies to the online pharmacy that is in line with the trend of digitalization in fit to the corona society.

This time, as a first step, we are looking for pharmacies to participate in the project. Participation is free, and the pharmacies will be posted on the project site.

京都の薬局.net: https://kyoto-yakkyoku.nets
Geek Guild  :

  • 対象  : 京都府内の処方箋薬局 ※主に、個人経営の中小規模薬局
  • 目的  : 薬局のデジタル化やAI導入を推進し、       コロナ後の京都の人々の暮らしに溶け込む新たな薬局づくりを支援
  • 参加費 : 無料
  • 申込方法: 電話、メールまたはFAXよりお申し込みください
  • ※詳細はお申し込み後にご連絡いたします